beta kare sawal cover image b&w.jpg

These drawings were made for the Hindi language textbook 'Beta Kare Sawal', for adoloscent boys, published by Eklavya, Bhopal.

I illustrated and designed the book in collaboration with Karen Haydock.

three friends talking.png
arms wide running_edited.jpg
tripping boy edited.tif
walking boy 3.jpg
walking boy 2.jpg
walking boy 1_edited.jpg
two boys.jpg
standing boy 6_edited.jpg
standing boy 4.jpg
standing boy 5_edited.jpg
standing boy 3.jpg
talking on chair.jpg
standing boy 1_edited.jpg
sitting boy.jpg
boy leaning back.jpg
boy sitting crosslegged.jpg
elbow out boy.jpg
hands in the air_edited.jpg
page 1 shaded transparent.png
short boy 2.png
middle height boy 2.png
pants are too short 2.png
tiny students 1.png
tiny students 11.png
tiny students 12.png
tiny students 10.png
tiny students 9.png
tiny students 8.png
tiny students 6.png
tiny students 7.png
tiny students 5.png
tiny students 4.png
tiny students 3.png
tiny students 2.png
comic 1 first part.jpg
comic 1 second part.jpg
comic 1 third part.jpg
gang of kids walking.jpg
boys near lake edited.png
at the shop.jpg
playing with dog.jpg
up a tree.jpg
sleeping boy_edited.jpg
cool friends.jpg
boys on cycle edited.png
comic 2.jpg
smiling boy.jpg
leaf head.jpg
Long long arms.png
dreaming boy_edited.jpg
Leaning over.png
sly smile.png
two sides.jpg
shy boy.png
booby creature.png
young lovers.jpg
tentative love.jpg
laughing couple.jpg
sisters on a chair.jpg
shall we.jpg
pinching hair.jpg
boy looking in mirror.jpg
cool boy.jpg
aapki problem kya hai.jpg
scaring little brother_edited.jpg
dark face 5.jpg
agitated boy_edited.jpg
headache 1.jpg
boy on mobile standing.png
four figures_edited.jpg
face 12_edited.jpg
face 7_edited.jpg
face 5_edited.jpg
walking and laughing boy.jpg
reading boy.jpg
man holding up arms.jpg
questioning boy.jpg
laughing in mirror  1.png
something in his hands.jpg
holding head on desk.jpg
expectant face_edited_edited.jpg
guy calling out.jpg
serious boy.png
boy on mobile.png
face 2_edited.jpg
face 4_edited.jpg
face 8_edited.jpg
face 3_edited.jpg
face 9_edited.jpg
advertisements 2 boys talking.jpg
boy from the back_edited.jpg
boy saying something.jpg
boy huffing.jpg
angry parents.png
don't worry_edited.jpg
face 23_edited.jpg
grinning boy_edited.jpg
half smile_edited.jpg
shaded boy.jpg
four boys talking.jpg
teacher scolding.jpg
boy walking and calling out.png
boy asking question.png
examining face in mirror.png
girl explaining.png
boy and girl talking.png
at the paan shop.jpg
isolated girl.jpg
two faces.jpg
dark face 4.jpg
period pain_edited.jpg
thinking boy.jpg
dark face 3.jpg
dark face 2.png
dark face 1.jpg
abstract face.jpg
trans boy.jpg
face from side_edited.jpg
abstract inwards_edited.jpg
abstract two faces.jpg
stick figures.jpg
friends together_edited.jpg
abstract thinking.jpg
boy from workshop 1.png
boy from workshop 3.png
boy from workshop 2.png
notebook page.png
pro abortion.jpg
samaj kahe badlo 1.jpg
samaj kahe badlo 2.jpg
Little animal.png